Why Video?

When it comes to your customers and your audience, you want to show, not tell. And with video, you have the opportunity not only to show, but to captivate, to compel, and to capture.

Best of all, it’s easier now than ever to create a video that truly communicates your message. All you need is the right team. That’s where we come in.

Forget the misconceptions you’ve heard about video—it really only comes down to three things:

  • Audience
  • Objective
  • Message

Once those things are identified, video becomes the magic key to unlocking the full potential of all three.

But the best thing about video?

10 Reasons To Use Video from Comprehensive Media, Inc. on Vimeo.

That’s easy. It’s versatile! Whether you need a product demo, customer testimonials, how-to’s, interviews, or even commercials, video is here to share your story. And we’re here to match it to your vision.

10 Reasons You Should Care About Video

Everybody loves video!  They watch it, they share it and they use it to share their story. Why?  Because the results are incredible!

  1. Online video delivers 10 times the response rate of static text and graphics. ~doubleclick
  2. People stay on websites 5.33 times longer with video. ~ DigiDay
  3. Online shoppers watched 40% more videos on retail websites in 2011. ~ Internet Retailer
  4. YouTube sees 4 billion video views globally every day. ~ YouTube
  5. Product videos make consumers 85% more likely to buy. ~ Internet Retailer
  6. The human brain absorbs 50% more information through moving pictures and sound than the next best medium. ~ Forrester Research
  7. People are 75% more likely to watch video than read print. ~ Forrester Research
  8. YouTube is ranked as the #2 search engine in the world. ~ YouTube
  9. Buyers are 98% more likely to watch a presentation on video than to listen to a sales rep. ~ Forrester Research
  10. 85% of people choose to watch a video about a company online rather than read the rest of the website. ~ Forrester Research
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