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Video With Perspective

Comprehensive Media is a video communications company that brings perspective to your ideas, messages and stories. Sure, anyone can shoot video, but what sets us apart is the perspective that we bring to your video and your brand. How are we different? There are 10 reasons our clients love us are the perks that come with every Comprehensive Media project.

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The 10 Perks that come with every Comprehensive Media project

  1. You’ll see things differently.

    • It’s that unique perspective that creates connection, helping your audience to see and understand your brand in a whole new light.
  2. You’ll watch your story blossom

    • We know how to cultivate, nurture and share the right story – because a video is not the goal. The goal is to engage the audience watching the video and help you grow the business.
  3. You’ll have confidence in our experience.

    • After 20+ years in business, we know what works and what doesn’t – which allows us to guide you with the best possible solution.
  4. We’re prepared.

    • We hear it all the time, our team makes shooting fun and stress-free – and that’s only possible because we’re always ready. Being ready means we can we are free to focus on your projects creative.
  5. We understand the goal.

    • “Good” is subjective. Conversions are not. Our approach to engagement includes online components to test, measure and deliver tangible results. Because good is not good enough.
  6. We’re great sharers.

    • We’re distribution agnostic so we can help you share your content via the best solution that delivers the best results for you.
  7. We’re serious about your media.

    • We provide professional asset management solutions with redundant systems and off-site vault storage.
  8. We protect you.

    • Accidents happen and while we’ve never had to use it, we do carry full AAA production insurance to minimize your exposure to liability during the entire production process.
  9. We offer flexible payment options.

    • Through our partnership with PayPal, you can take advantage of our 6 month, no-interest project financing – to make cash flow management easier for you.
  10. We’re a single solution.

    • Comprehensive Media is a complete source for video-related solutions including: engagement strategy, positioning, creative, messaging, shooting, editing, distributing and asset management. We’re a true one-stop-shop video solution.

Tell us about your project and love the perspective we can bring to the table.