Our Team

Our Team

Our secret recipe doesn’t start with technology. It always begins with our team. 

nashville-video-productionsThe Comprehensive Media team is made up of the best and brightest—people with heart, conviction, focus, discipline, and, of course, talent. They are people who could work anywhere they want, but choose Comprehensive Media because they are passionate and love what we do.

So why does this matter to you?

Because our team is committed to your vision every bit as much as they are to their craft. Digital storytelling is their calling, not their job. Your project is much more than just “work” to us.

When you put five creative-minded people who are all passionate about storytelling and video in the same office, you get a fun-filled environment that is never boring. With that being said, meet our team!



nashville-video-production-companiesJoel Smith
As President and Founder of Comprehensive Media, Joel is the one who started it all, bringing 25 years of veteran experience along with him. The company has grown out of a simple desire to help others share their stories. Few things excite Joel more than finding the buried gems in people’s stories and seeing stories come together. A self-professed “Mac nerd”, photographer, musician, proud father, and husband, Joel brings his passion for telling stories and fulfilling dreams with him everywhere he goes.




IMG_0864Tracy Dunn
“Captain” is by far the best way to describe Tracy’s role in our office. Not only does she help guide our daily office tasks, she is also a licensed pilot! Tracy is our Office Manager. She is the first one to arrive at the office, and her duties include managing our finances, helping our clients, making sure all things HR are on track, and maintaining all our files.





IMG_1977Nancy McMinn                                                                                                                                             Nancy is Joel’s virtual assistant and also helps with all of the Marketing efforts for the company. With her 18 years of Marketing experience for large corporations, Nancy helps us with updating all of our touch points to our customers- Social Media content, blog content, and our websites. She’s our “social butterfly” – she loves a good “party” and is passionate about people and teamwork.