“How can I get my video faster?” Video Answers. Episode 25.

"How can I get my video faster?" Video Answers. Episode 25.

When we’re producing a video, we always provide an estimated time of delivery. But if you want your video sooner, there are a few things you can do to help us make that happen. We'll talk about that here in Episode 25 of Video Answers. In video production, the estimated time of delivery includes some time for your review and approval of your video. Here are five ways you can help yourself get your video a little faster: Communicate Efficiently Be direct and specific, not vague, in your … [Read more...]

Will I get to approve my video before it’s done? Video Answers. Episode 24.

"Will I get to approve my video before it's done?" Video Answers. Episode 24.

A question we’re often asked is, “Will I get to approve my video before it’s done?” There are multiple steps in our video production process, but keeping you out of the mix is not one of them. You'll learn about that here in Episode 24 of Video Answers. “Will I get to approve my video before it’s done?” Our Answer The short answer is a resounding, “Yes!” But, instead of one big final approval, we ask you to approve your project each step of the way in our video production … [Read more...]

“How long should my video be?” Video Answers. Episode 23.

"How long should my video be?" Video Answers. Episode 23.

"How long should my video be?" It's an important question. We'll cover all that and more here in Episode 23 of Video Answers. According to a recent NBC report, in 2000 our average attention span was 12 seconds. In 2014, it dropped to 8 seconds. That statistic reminds me of one of my Dad’s favorite jokes: "I’m so broke, I can’t afford to pay attention!" But, before I lose your attention, let's get back to the question at hand: How long should my video be? Wistia, a video hosting … [Read more...]

“How do I review and comment on my video?” Video Answers. Episode 22.

"How do I review and comment on my video?" Video Answers. Episode 22.

When it comes time to review and comment on your video, it’s not always convenient to stop at our location to watch your video. That’s why we use a video sharing service. In Episode 22 of Video Answers, I have a short tutorial to show you how to review and comment on your video. Do you have other questions about your video production? Let us know: _______________ Comprehensive Media is an video communications company that brings businesses perspective through ideas, … [Read more...]

“Why do we need more than one camera for our interview?” Video Answers. Episode 21.

"Why do we need more than one camera for our interview?" Video Answers. Episode 21.

When we shoot an interview, we almost always use two or more cameras. Usually, we have one or two cameras next to the interviewer and one off-axis camera. So, why are there two cameras? We'll answer than in Episode 21 of Video Answers. So, why do we do that? Using two or more cameras gives the editor greater flexibility to tell your story. In fact, there are five reasons you need more than one video camera for your interview. 1. For compressing time If we have more than one camera, … [Read more...]

“What is B-Roll and what does it do for my video?” Video Answers. Episode 20.

"What is B-Roll and what does it do for my video?" Video Answers. Episode 20.

As with any industry, the film, video and television production world has its own unique terms. "B-roll" is one of those. It’s a term that is used often and one you should know. What is B-roll? That’s the question we'll answer in episode 20 of Video Answers. B-Roll is the term used to designate extra cutaway shots or generic footage the editor uses to make your story more visually engaging. How and editor uses B-roll You can think of the main subject matter of a video, say an … [Read more...]

“Who owns my video footage?” Video Answers. Episode19.

"Who owns my video footage?" Video Answers. Episode 19.

Once we’ve spent days, weeks or even months shooting all this incredible video footage for your project the thought may occurs, “Who owns my video footage?" It’s a good question. We answer that question here, in Episode 19 of Video Answers. Back to your question: “Who owns my video footage?" The answer It depends on who produced your footage and the terms of your agreement. You may own the video  footage or the party you hired to produce your video may own it. Our answer For … [Read more...]

“What are jump cuts?” Video Answers. Episode 18.

"What are jump cuts?" Episode18. Video Answers.

Have you ever watched a video and something just didn’t feel right? Was the subject jumping around in the frame? In Episode 18 of Video Answers, we will explain what a jump cut is and why they happen. What is a jump cut? A jump cut is not a frog with scissors. A jump cut is the result of a video edit. A jump cut happens when the subject changes but the camera angle and background does not. It’s called a jump cut because it looks like the subject is jumping around in the frame. What … [Read more...]

“What does a video editor really do?” Video Answers. Episode17.

What does a video editor really do? VideoAnswers. Episode17.

If you’ve ever peeked into an edit suite, you’ve seen it. There's someone surrounded by computer screens, completely lost to time. But, what are they really doing in there? That’s the question we’ll answer today in Episode 17 of Video Answers. Video editing is a craft Just like a craftsmen shapes raw materials into a beautiful piece of furniture, so an editor takes raw elements and crafts a compelling story. Editors work with hours of raw materials, cutting away the rough edges to find … [Read more...]

“What’s a Grip?” Video Answers. Episode16.

What is a Grip?

When we mention a "grip," in video production, we aren't referring to the familiar idiom, "Get a grip!" A Grip is actually a very important part of the video production process. We cover just how important a "grip" is here in Video Answers Episode 16.   What is a Grip? A Grip is not just a firm handshake. In the film and video world, a Grip is a key member of the crew. Technically, a Grip works with lighting and rigging to support the camera department on set. A Grip is under … [Read more...]