“What is B-Roll and what does it do for my video?” Video Answers. Episode 20.

"What is B-Roll and what does it do for my video?" Video Answers. Episode 20.

As with any industry, the film, video and television production world has its own unique terms. "B-roll" is one of those. It’s a term that is used often and one you should know. What is B-roll? That’s the question we'll answer in episode 20 of Video Answers. B-Roll is the term used to designate extra cutaway shots or generic footage the editor uses to make your story more visually engaging. How and editor uses B-roll You can think of the main subject matter of a video, say an … [Read more...]

“Who owns my video footage?” Video Answers. Episode19.

"Who owns my video footage?" Video Answers. Episode 19.

Once we’ve spent days, weeks or even months shooting all this incredible video footage for your project the thought may occurs, “Who owns my video footage?" It’s a good question. We answer that question here, in Episode 19 of Video Answers. Back to your question: “Who owns my video footage?" The answer It depends on who produced your footage and the terms of your agreement. You may own the video  footage or the party you hired to produce your video may own it. Our answer For … [Read more...]

“What are jump cuts?” Video Answers. Episode 18.

"What are jump cuts?" Episode18. Video Answers.

Have you ever watched a video and something just didn’t feel right? Was the subject jumping around in the frame? In Episode 18 of Video Answers, we will explain what a jump cut is and why they happen. What is a jump cut? A jump cut is not a frog with scissors. A jump cut is the result of a video edit. A jump cut happens when the subject changes but the camera angle and background does not. It’s called a jump cut because it looks like the subject is jumping around in the frame. What … [Read more...]

“What does a video editor really do?” Video Answers. Episode17.

What does a video editor really do? VideoAnswers. Episode17.

If you’ve ever peeked into an edit suite, you’ve seen it. There's someone surrounded by computer screens, completely lost to time. But, what are they really doing in there? That’s the question we’ll answer today in Episode 17 of Video Answers. Video editing is a craft Just like a craftsmen shapes raw materials into a beautiful piece of furniture, so an editor takes raw elements and crafts a compelling story. Editors work with hours of raw materials, cutting away the rough edges to find … [Read more...]

“What’s a Grip?” Video Answers. Episode16.

What is a Grip?

When we mention a "grip," in video production, we aren't referring to the familiar idiom, "Get a grip!" A Grip is actually a very important part of the video production process. We cover just how important a "grip" is here in Video Answers Episode 16.   What is a Grip? A Grip is not just a firm handshake. In the film and video world, a Grip is a key member of the crew. Technically, a Grip works with lighting and rigging to support the camera department on set. A Grip is under … [Read more...]

Can we “fix it” in post? Video Answers. Episode15.

Can we "fix it" in post?

There's a lot of work leading up to a video shoot. When it's your project, all you want is for your video to be successful. In episode 15 of Video Answers, we answer the question, "Can we fix it in post?" and dispel the associated myths and how this notion can may impact your video. This episode helps you be aware and be prepared to ask the right questions. If you’re ever on a video shoot and you hear someone say, “Don’t worry about it. We can fix it in post,“ you should be … [Read more...]

“How long does it take to make a video?” Video Answers. Episode 14.

How long does it take to make a video?

Videos are great, but how long would it take to make one? Believe it or not, you actually have a lot to do with the length of video production time. We cover that here in Video Answers Episode 14. Like the question of cost, how long it takes to make a video depends on you and details of your video. What do I mean when I say it depends on you? You play a key role in the success of your project. In fact, here are five ways you can keep your video production on schedule. 5 Ways to … [Read more...]

“What should you expect during the video production process?” Part 2. Video Answers. Episode 13.

What should you expect during the video production process - Part 2

This is part 2 of what you should expect during the video production process. If you’ve not watched part 1, I would encourage you to do so. You can find it here. In part 1, we explored the first 4 stages of the video production process. In Episode 13 of Video Answers, we cover stages 5-9 of the video production process. Part 1 Review The first 4 stages of the video production process: Discover Strategy Story Plan Part 2 Stage 5. Action! This is where all the planning … [Read more...]

“What should you expect during the video production process?” Part 1. Video Answers. Episode 12.

What should you expect during the video production process?

Everybody's heard about pre-production, production and post-production. But what does that have to do with you and your expectations for the video production process? We address that here in Episode 12 of Video Answers. Video production is not magic where you put ideas in and great videos pop out. The video production process is a system, a repeatable process that delivers consistent results. Stages of Production That repeatable process falls into 9 stages of production. In part 1 … [Read more...]

“What does a video production company do?” Video Answers. Episode 11.

What does a video production company do?

In the 11th episode of Video Answers, we answer the question, "What does a video production company do?" The answer may surprise you. More than you think It would be easy to think a video production company just writes scripts, shoots video and edits. Because that’s what most video production companies do. But great video production companies really just have one purpose. A fish tale Recently, I went fishing with my son and he caught the only fish of the day. This … [Read more...]

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