Can I use a song from iTunes… in my video? Video Answers, Episode 5.

Can I use a song from iTunes... in my video? VideoAnswers, Episode 5.

In the 5th episode of Video Answers, we address the questions surrounding music in your videos. Can we use a song from iTunes? What are our options for adding music to videos? Can I use a song from iTunes... in my video? So you want to know if you can use a song from your iTunes library in your company video. Before I answer that question, let me to share with you two little known musical facts. 1. All commercial music is licensed for a specific use. 2. When you download a song from … [Read more...]

Filming, Shooting or Videotaping… Which is Right? Video Answers, Episode 4.

Filming, Shooting or Videotaping... Which is Right? Video Answers, Episode 4.

In the 4th episode of Video Answers, we go over the different terms in video to answer, "Which is right?" Not just by telling you, but by giving you some background on each and how they are used today. Which term is right? I'm often asked, which term is right? Filming, shooting or videotaping? Before I answer that question, let me give you a little background. Filming The origins of the term filming are from the early days when the only way to capture a series of moving pictures was … [Read more...]

How to sound your best for your interview. Video Answers, Episode 3

How to sound your best for your interview. Video Answers, Episode 3

  In the 3rd episode of Video Answers we help you sound your best during your video interview. Not just by telling you, but by showing you. It's always important to ask the right questions. But how you answer those questions is equally important when it comes to your video interview. At Comprehensive Media, we do a LOT of video production. And when I sit down for a video interview with someone, one of the first things I say to them is: “your audience won’t hear my question, … [Read more...]

Will I get a list of questions before my interview? Video Answers. Episode 2

Will I get a list of questions before my interview. Video Answers. Episode 2

In this second episode of Video Answers we answer the question: Will I get a list of questions before my interview? To help you prepare for your interview we've already written about the 5 Burning Questions About Your On-Camera Interview, but we really didn't answer the question about, well, questions. So let's address it now. When we're about to interview someone, it’s not uncommon to get a request for the list of questions we’re going to ask during the interview. Sounds reasonable … [Read more...]

What’s the best way to review your video script? Video Answers, Episode 1

Video Answers. Episode 1 In this first episode of Video Answers we answer the question: What’s the best way to review your video script…to eliminate those pesky last-minute changes? Once a script is approved and production is underway, changes to that script can cost time and money. So what are the ways you can save money and time? Use these 3 simple suggestions to save yourself time and money. Suggestion #1, Read it out loud Now when I say read aloud, I don’t mean mumbled under your … [Read more...]

Video Training: The 3 Key Aspects that Make it Great


  So you've made a new hire, or maybe you're introducing a new program to your employees. How do you plan on training them? New employees often demand a good amount of training time, and if you are changing procedures for existing employees, this could also present some timely challenges. On top of task-based training, employees should also be immersed into the company's culture by being exposed to its mission, vision, and purpose. Training, no matter what kind it is, takes time and a … [Read more...]

Funny Videos: The 3 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself


  All the noise and competition going on in Social Media can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unheard. Now more than ever, you want to capture your audience's attention and keep them interested with quality content, and this means video. Funny videos can be a fantastic way to capture that attention. Appealing to human emotion isn't something new, but we get so bogged down in day-to-day tasks that we often forget about it (until you see a commercial that makes you literally … [Read more...]

A Fresh Perspective is Never Far Away


“For me the greatest beauty always lies in the greatest clarity.” ~Gotthold Ephraim Lessing So you can’t see the forrest for the trees? Well, it happens in video production too. But we know a secret – that elusive fresh perspective is never really very far away. As a video communications company we help businesses tell their stories. But that’s the “what”. The “why”, our purpose for being, is to provide clarity and perspective to that story. As a business leader, you know your business. But … [Read more...]

Will Bilbo Finally Slay 24P?


This is a guest post from veteran Director of Photography and long-time Comprehensive Media friend Matt Coale.  Matt has worked on Comprehensive Media projects for more than 20 years.  This is a great post on the history, confusion and controversy surrounding the 24P frame-rate.   By Matt Coale (My humble observation as a veteran Director of Photography) Since the beginning of motion pictures, budgets have dictated the frame rate at which we view films.  The faster the film runs … [Read more...]

Workplace Communications: How Can Video Help?


Lacking or faulty communication accounts for 80% of problems in the workplace. That is a scary, yet very accurate statistic about the gravity of communication issues. Communication breaks down for various reasons, ranging from lack of leadership, to unclear goals and duties, undertrained employees, and limited feedback. At the same time, communications that aren't positive and uplifting in nature tend to take productivity and worker's motivation down. If simple words, emails, and phone calls … [Read more...]