We help you ATTRACT your audience, BUILD your brand and CREATE more engagement.

Comprehensive Media is a Nashville video production company. We collaborate with brands to help them:

  • ATTRACT their audience
  • BUILD their brand
  • CREATE more engagement

We produce branded content and corporate video content for advertising, marketing, sales, and training. Based in Nashville, Tennessee our teams travel across the country and around the world to capture our clients stories.

Since 1990 some of the world’s most respected brands have trusted Comprehensive Media to engage their audiences. Brands like: ServiceMaster, Terminix, Corrections Corporation of America, TruGreen, Alliance Oncology, The Gideons International, LifeWay, Nashville Symphony, Amsurg, Tommy Nelson, and Billy Graham just to name a few.

When it comes to their businesses, many people are so close to their own products or services that they don’t know where to begin. Comprehensive Media helps companies cut through the clutter to understand what their customers really want. It’s that unique perspective that distinguishes Comprehensive Media and helps us produce amazing video that engages your audience.

We understand the challenges businesses face in producing video. Over the past 25+ years we’ve helped large and small businesses a like create targeted, professional video content that engages their audiences.

Comprehensive Media was founded in 1990 by veteran film maker Joel Smith. Joel has produced award-winning video content for some of the worlds largest and most respected brands. He’s collaborated with companies to help them focus their objectives and produce engaging video content. Through the years Joel developed a unique approach to the entire video production process. An approach that begins with the end, not the creative.

This Comprehensive Media approach not only keeps everyone focused on the goal, it simplifies the entire client experience. The result is an amazing video that engages your audience to action. Because in the end, real engagement can only be measured by behaviors and actions.

Producing a video with Comprehensive Media means:

  1. You have a seasoned production partner on your side. Someone who listens to you to understand your objectives for your video.
  2. You are guided through a proven process to keep your project on time, on budget and on target. This helps ensure that your entire team has clarity around the objective, audience and outcomes of your video.
  3. You go through each stage of your video with clear expectations of what’s going to happen, when it will happen, and who’s responsible for what.

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing said, “the greatest beauty always lies in the greatest clarity”. He knew that people are drawn to clarity and away from confusion. We believe that video that’s focused on technique or technology but leaves the audience confused about your message, tears down your brand. While truly great video clarifies your objectives, audience and outcomes–attracting your audience, building your brand and creating more engagement.

Request your free consultation today because nobody will know how much they need your product or service until you show them.

A Nashville video production company helping clients ATTRACT audiences, BUILD brands and CREATE more engagement.

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